“Les Super Speciales Cadoret Combo”


“Les Super Speciales Cadoret Combo”

~Oysters Farm since 1880~Delivering Fresh Live Oysters from France

Combo includes:

  • 6pc x La Lune No.1 (~150 g/pc)
  • 6pc x Speciale Cadoret No.1 (~145 g/pc)
  • 6pc x Black Pearl No.1 (~145 g/pc)

Oyster Characteristics:

The firm, crunchy and very thick flesh is velvety to the bite, with the little taste of hazelnut and tiny sweet aftertaste, which give it its very special character.

Packing: 6 pc/box (3 boxes in this combo)

Origin: France

Recommended Shelf Life: 5 days from Production Date

Storage: Chilled at 0-4 degree Celcius

$785 $693

$1013 Bundle Price for Selected items