Frozen Raw Mulard Duck Breast


Frozen Raw Mulard Duck Breast 

Origin: France

Brand: Ernest Soulard

Packing: 300g/pc

Unit: kg

Shelf-Life: Minimum 2 months

Storage Condition: Frozen -18°C

Recipe “best served medium-rare“:

Gently use a knife to score on the duck skin in a criss-cross pattern

Sear skin-side down in oven-safe pan over moderate-high heat for 6-10 minutes until golden brown and crispy

Brown the meat with its own duck fat for about 1-2 minutes, you can add seasonings at the same time

Put it in the preheated 131F oven for about 15 minutes

Then take it out and wrap it in foil, let it sit for 5 minutes

Slice it and add balsamic vinegar to serve with vegetables or salads


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